Sunday, March 10, 2013
7:56 PM

New Release Fantasy Series by Kimberly Gould

New Series Release Fantasy Series by Kimberly Gould
Kimberly Gould recently released the second book in her Cargon.
Kimberly has kept her unique writing style from her first novel to her second. 
This is a book that will sweep readers across in Epic Fantasy.
Join Kimberly in celebrating this unique release Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice.
In a post-apocalyptic world, Eve has discovered power of more than one nature. In Honour and Privilege, Eve became heir to the throne. In Duty and Sacrifice, she explores and defines the power of the elite. At the same time, electricity is being harnessed for the first time in centuries, providing the first glimpse into the ancient people who left the world as it exists. The horror of this revelation could shake their society as much or more than a servant becoming monarch.
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Genre – YA / Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating – PG13


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